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Any gamer in this world should be able to access and play their favorite games instantly. No matter where they are!

It's Your Time!

Do you know this moment? It’s when you want some action. It’s when you feel like to discover a new world. It’s when you need to relieve some stress or when you just feel really, really bored. This is the moment to start a game!

We think that from this moment, until the point you actually start the game, there should be nothing that prevents you from playing instantly.

That's why we've created -
to help you connecting faster with the games you love.

Open. Click. Play.

No more web address typing, searching through slow loading sites or inconvenient browser bookmarks. With TBBG you've got your very own personalized start page for gaming.

Anywhere you are

Whether you are waiting at the bus station, taking a break at work or just using a different computer within your home. Everything is in sync and accessible on basically any browser supported device. No installation required.

Tag it your way

Organize your games just the way you like. Use genres (i.e. Shooter, RPG, Sports), themes (i.e. Fantasy, Soccer) or any other topic you want. How about "Almost finished", "Hall of fame" or "Have to try" - you decide!

Share with the world

Got some great games in your library you think others should know? Just add them to share list and contribute them with your friends, or even the whole world!

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No payment. No download required.

How it works

Super easy! Add your favorite games, give them tags and access instantly them whenever you like!

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